Organic Viticulture

Sensitive to the subject of environmental protection in vine-growing,  “Cielo e Terra” Gruppo Cantine Colli Berici has been working on a project of organic viticulture for over 10 years.

Over 60 hectares have been converted in compliance with the CCPB standards to pursue the following objectives:

-    meet consumer requirements for a more "natural" product (that is to say a product that is more respectful of nature).
-    create an area of experimental viticulture, where the use of increasingly environmentally friendly and innovative techniques can be maximized.

The organic production of agricultural products is regulated at the European level by EEC Regulation 2092/91 and at the local level by CCPB, responsible for awarding the certification. 

This regulation attaches due importance to environmental protection requirements, as well as to the need for providing the agricultural division with a good balance between economic objectives and the protection of nature by offering consumers genuine products whose control is guaranteed over the entire supply chain.


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