What means drink responsibly

Moderate and responsible is entirely compatible with the personal and social life of the people and indeed, in some cases, may even improve its quality.
 Drinking without being able to check the time, the place, or for the wrong reasons means drinking in an irresponsible way.

An irresponsible use of alcohol can lead to serious risks to the health and safety of individuals and their civil society. 

When drinking is still a risk: 
There are groups of people (children and adolescents, those who take certain medications, former alcoholics) or particular situations (work, driving) and stages of life (pregnancy) in which the consumption of alcohol, even if moderate, can nevertheless constitute a danger. 

It is very important to raise awareness about the dangers, so that even those who find themselves in these situations can take suitable actions in terms of consumption of alcoholic beverages.

taken from: beviresponsabile.it

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