• Sustainability

Cielo e Terra has focused on three areas of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

B Corp: balancing economic performance with environmental and social protection. For more than 100 years we have been working to create extra value out of our local production. Today we are concerned to make sustainable choices across the entire supply chain in a long term perspective.

B Corp #UnlockTheChange

Since 2020 Cielo e Terra has obtained the B Corp certification, entering a global movement that aims to spread a new and more evolved business model. These companies grant the achievement of stricter ethical standards, earning profit as well as creating social and environmental benefits.
The words "Ethical" and "Sustainability" are not just about the environment. This certification promotes 360° ethical behaviors, facing issues like poverty, people's dignity, economy, the company's impact on the local communities, transparency, and so on. 
With the hashtag #UnlockTheChange, the large Italian B Corp community suggests a brand new model to meet business and sustainability. 
Cielo e Terra has found three areas, here following: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. 
Visit our company page on B Corp website.

Economic Sustainability

Our main goal is to provide fair shareholders' remuneration in the long term. With careful attention, we focus on:

  • balanced financial leverage;
  • well-diversified risk across different products, customers and markets;
  • ongoing research and innovation to support growth;
  • right employees' motivation and remuneration;
  • "231 organization model" to prevent and control the risk of committing offenses within the "code of ethics". 

Environmental Sustainability

We support the ecological approach in our entire supply chain in the following ways:

1 - Winemaking conscious management


  • Soil testing to assess each vine’s nutritional needs, limit the use of fertilizers, and sow grass where possible;
  • Checks and interventions that respond to weather forecasts and limit environmental impact, supporting their “reasoned fight” against disease in the vineyards;
  • A “vineyard register” to log all methods, reduce errors, and to perfect operations;
  • The installation of photovoltaic systems in winemaking cellars;
  • The High Quality viticulture project gives an extra financial incentive to vinegrowers working in the most challenging areas, to produce superior grapes and to encourage generational succession. 


2 - Eco materials and resources


  • Mostly eco-friendly lighter bottles;
  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cartons and labels, from responsibly managed forests;
  • UPM’s RafCycle project to recycle label rolls (made from PET and glassine);
  • The Amorim project of ethical cork to salvage natural resources and to turn them into design pieces;
  • 100% of renewable sources energy;
  • Minimizing waste from packaging production;
  • Reducing water and electricity consumption.


Social sustainability

We believe in wine social values, creating honest connections among different cultures and territories.
We live in a fortunate country, therefore we support people in need through selected ONGs.

Here's the list of our present and past partnerships.




We have enlisted some of our best-selling wines to onepercentfortheplanet.org, a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofits working together for a healthier world. 



In 2021 we have chosen to support Wine to Water, a non-profit organization working toward sustainable clean water solutions catered specifically to the country’s unique needs.



In 2020, the money raised with 1% for the Planet was donated to Amref Health Africa, a non-profit which takes care of the most difficult situations in Africa.



Thanks to the cooperation with the nonprofit Murialdo World Onlus, we took part in these projects:

  • A WELL FOR LIFE - We have built water wells in Sierra Leona, Africa. This was our way to pay pack the high usage of water in the winemaking process. 
  • WE WANNA WORK - We have helped students with learning difficulties, supporting them with proper school and professional training.
  • ADD A PLACE TO THE TABLE - We have helped children in Mexico and Colombia, raised in difficult situations. We have provided social support, granting food and safe place to study and play, preventing migration exploitation and juvenile delinquency. 




Job inclusion is a big deal for us. With the project Message in a bottle we uphold Agendo Onlus, in the city of Vicenza. This nonprofit gives people with Down Syndrome training and work, in order to make them more independent. 



We supported work inclusion also purchasing 2019 Christmas gifts by Quid Project. Quid employs marginalized people in the manufacture of its product and uses recycled clothing.



We sponsor the Palladio Museum in Vicenza,  dedicated to our famous fellow citizen who changed the history of architecture.
Finally, our social commitment begins inside our company, involving all our employees in learning and sharing awareness of corporate responsibility



Visiting Kenia with Amref

Famiglia Cielo has supported Amref Health Africa water projects. Cielo e Terra Vice-president Pierpaolo Cielo and Export Manager Alessio Pavan visited Kenya while Amref staff was shooting a movie about women's role in the water supply. 


Bringing Clean water with Amref

We are aware that wine has a very high water footprint, in fact, one liter of wine could require up to 960 liters of water (source: waterfootprint.org). That's why we have decided to give back water where most needed. We have built 35 water wells up to now and this year we are cooperating with Amref Health Africa to donate more clean water where it is more scarce.

1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a network of business, individuals and non-profit working together for a healthier planet. Watch how it works and how we donate funds to build water wells in Africa.


Set another place at the table

AGGIUNGI UN POSTO A TAVOLA (set another place at the table) - we support children in Colombia to guarantee a table to eat, play, and study; to fight juvenile delinquency and exploitation with Engim.org

Water wells building

We built water wells to balance the high usage of water in the winemaking process.